Lord Neil Gibson is involved in many philanthropic projects designed to provide development assistance to areas that are commonly underserved.  The current project that is in production is as follows:

S.E.E.D Foundation Partnership for Eco Village

The Lord Gibson and his firm LNBG LLC have founded a partnership with SEED Foundation (501c3 / non-for-profit) to work in numerous areas to assist in developing ECO Villages. Ecovillages are people-based development projects to model sustainable, low-impact, human settlements. They are applicable to both rural and urban settings and accessible to all walks of life. Eco-villagers utilize green energy technology, ecological building techniques, and human-scale design to reduce exploitation of natural resources.  The goal of these developments is to facilitate community self-reliance, and improve quality of life. Medical clinics will be included in the development of each village. These medical clinics can assist in the care management of other local villages.  Locations are presently under a NDA.