Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is an international businessman and philanthropist.  The majority of his life has been spent advocating for the welfare of underdeveloped nations, increasing their ability to be self-sufficient through development projects.  Gibson structures secure business relationships and contacts that will be able to assist one another to achieve project fulfillments, and spearheads the efforts to strategically improve areas through development.

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was Ambassador at Large to West Africa from 1998-2000.   His efforts to counter political corruption in the area gained him worldwide respect and recognition.

His interest in philanthropic efforts and humanitarian relief started early in his career, when he traveled through the  State of California and collected books, school supplies, clothing, and even computer equipment, all to be donated to underserved people in West Africa.
One of Mr. Gibson’s most recognized strategic partnership efforts came when he struck a partnership with the Firestone Tire Company, operators of a  rubber plantation in Liberia. Firestone would regularly ship large containers of these products to the United States, only to transport the containers back to Africa empty.  Mr. Gibson arranged for these containers to be filled with humanitarian supplies to be distributed to the under-served people’s of the area.  This cost savings proved to be crucial in the process, saving millions of dollars that could be re-allocated into the program.

Mr. Gibson continues to structure strategic relationships and develop projects that will create a better planet one community at a time, as his efforts provide much needed jobs, resources and capital within areas that are not usually the targets for economic development efforts.

Lord Neil B Gibson

Curriculum vitae – Lord Neil B. Gibson


2013-(Present)          Co founder RRR Development

2012-(Present)          Co founder Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition

 2012-(Present)         Founder SFBBL.BZ    SFBBL AG.  

2010- (Present)        C Trade Group of Companies                

 2011-(Present)         Managing Member, Seed Foundation 501c3 Tax Exempt Company

 2011- (Present)        Managing Member

 2010- ( Present)       CEO First Interstate Group AG & LTD

2010 – ( Present)      Vision Bank Card

 2009- (Present)       In Multi-billion dollar contract with Wontert Capital AG as principle.

                                             Formed Lord Neil B Gibson LLC. The company was formed for investment and promotions.


 2011-2008        Business Development, Vision Capital; developed new projects   on  National and International capacity. www.visionbankcard.net

 2011-2007        Advisor/Investor (World Safety Inc.; structuring complex financial transactions relating to insurance and affiliated with a 50 million dollar U.S.                                       Trash to Energy Project.

 2011-2007        International Currency Analyst Alittihad Islamic Finance Company, London; monitored monetary policies.

 2011-2001        Shareholder Elpicon of Australia; international trade and finance.

  2006-2008    Director of Foreign Relations, Gulf Horizons Oil Company in Abu Dhabi.

  2004-2007    Director of International Sales and Finance, Safety   Shield; Overseeing of International business relations.

2003                     Appointed Honorary Consulate General via British Commonwealth Office

2001-2002        Independent Consultant as ambassador at large for African Union

 1998-2000        Commissioned into Diplomatic Corps and Commission             

 1996-1998           Independently worked in Switzerland at Geneva in Zurich as a consultant

 1995-1997           Independently worked with private wealth management in Spain,

                                    Portugal, and Southern France.

 1992-1994           Trading of commodities throughout all African nation as well as India.               

 1988-1991             Assisted in securing loans and mortgages leading to acquisition of London Brick; Private Family Business, W&K Gibson

 1985-1988            Worked in alliance with Armitage Family Bricks; Private Family      Business, W&K Gibson               



1980-1984              Kitson College, Leeds England undergraduate and degree acquired




In May 2008, Neil B. Gibson claimed the title of Lord, becoming Lord of Warter Priory/ Wheldrake in Yorkshire England.  Lord Gibson is also a member of the Nights Templar, which he is known as Sir Knight KT. HKT.B

In 2003 appointed Honorary Consulate General of West a West African Nation, via British Commonwealth Office



 General Philanthropic Philosophy:  To stimulate and create infrastructure within communities and regions less privileged.

 Ambassador at Large for West African Union (1999-2002), raise funds to help rebuild infrastructure in West Africa

 Project Lesotho (2008):  a joint effort to create and rebuild resources for the community and country of Lesotho. Currently working on rebuilding in Belize CA.



-Citizenship: British

-Date of Birth: September 10, 1963

-Language: English

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